Thursday, 8 June 2017

Cool Can Chimes

From FamilyFun >>> "Here's how to give metal cans a mod (and musical!) makeover. Remove the lid and label from four or five empty cans, then wash and dry them. Choose cans that will nest together as a set, as shown. Use a hammer and nail to poke a hole in the bottom of each. Paint the outsides with white primer and let it dry, then cover with one or two coats of colored acrylic paint. Beginning with the largest, stack the cans. Measure a length of heavyweight string (we used cotton) equal to the height of the cans, plus 3 feet. Knot a wooden ring onto one end of the string. Thread the other end up through the hole in the smallest can. Decide how low you want the can to hang, slide it up the string, tie a big knot, and slide the can down again until it rests on the knot. Add the other cans in the same way, making sure they overlap slightly so they'll chime. From the excess string, form a hanging loop (ours is 10 inches long) above the largest can."

via  FamilyFun

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